About the OSC

camp, click to enlarge For most of us, the OSC "runs the campground". While this is true the OSC has a wider role with the successful operation of the Omarama Airfield.

OSC was formed 30 November 1971 and has the principal objective to support flying activities and opportunities in the Omarama area. The OSC also seeks to provide services at Omarama airfield for the operation of gliders and the accommodation of pilots and other persons connected with or interested in the operation or maintenance of gliders. Our members are all of the South Island Gliding Clubs and Wellington GC, all of which are affiliated to Gliding New Zealand, plus the local Omarama Aero Club. Historically the Canterbury Gliding Club (CGC) is a strong supporter of Omarama and the OSC and usually has a significant presence within the committee.

The Omarama airfield, its infrastructure and common facilities are owned and operated by Omarama Airfield Ltd (OAL), which is in turn 50/50 owned by the OSC and Waitaki District Council.

The OSC committee is made up of members nominated and voted for at the AGM (which is held during the November SI Gliding champs). The committee meet several times a year and conduct business via email at other times. Much of the committee's time is taken up with ensuring the smooth running of the campground, employing contractors for the major tasks associated with routine cleaning and maintenance. However committee members, and other volunteers, are very generous with their time throughout the season assisting with numerous jobs big and small that crop up at the campground and airfield.

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The OSC (and more laterly the CGC and others) run the SI Regionals each year and the Nationals at Omarama every second year. These periods are very busy but bring much needed income needed for the campground. When funds are available the OSC will make donations local SAR, Youth Glide and other services important to the gliding community.

The OSC Incorporated Society number is 220327.
Our Bank number is: 06 0831 0113794 00
GST number is: 55-310-971

Copy of OSC constitution